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Seijaku Roshi, is an American Zen Master, Parent, Priest, Author, Blogger, Keynote Speaker, and visionary pioneer on The Principles of "Authentic Spirituality for The 21st Century."
Following a series of personal transformative insights during the early years of his life,
Seijaku began teaching publicly in 1975 at the request of his friends and students. In 1985 he founded The Order of the Great Lights, The Zen Society, a nonprofit organization (501c3 New Jersey).
On March 27, 1993 he was acknowledged and installed by the Community as Abbot of Jizo-an Monastery and bestowed the title of Roshi during a formal Ceremony in Riverton, NJ.
With a mastery born of more than 45 years of teaching, hundreds of guests, friends, and students have come to hear the Dharma of Loving-Kindness, Compassion, and Benevolent service as conveyed by Seijaku Roshi. 

​Roshi is author of the book, "Kokoro - The Heart Within" - Zen Beyond Buddhism ,
writer - , and a regular guest speaker at Churches; Synagogues; High Schools and Universities; Non-Profits; small businesses, and the corporate world, as well as prison and veteran outreach programs.  

He is the creator of numerous seminars including: Creating Sustainable & Fulfilling Relationships; Beyond Grief, Loss, & Betrayal; Zen & The Workplace; Brother Jesus - Brother Buddha, and more.

* Teaching "The Dharma Beyond Buddhism," Seijaku Roshi claims to hold no particular lineage and shares no formal affiliation with other Zen groups, denominations, or any hierarchy of Dharma Successors.​​
"In order to meet the challenges facing all of us, we will need a spirituality grounded in the human heart, rather than beliefs or ideals. One that cultivates the best in each of us, challenges us to function at the level of full self-expression, and affirms the fundamental and immeasurable value of every living being."  - Seijaku Roshi