Jizo-an Zen Community has re-located to our new facility in Cherry Hill, NJ. We have resumed all Livestreaming and in-person events at the new Zendo. Please see below for the latest information on In-Person and Livestreamed Zendo Events, and other ways to connect. You can also keep up with us through our Newsletter, our podcast, as well as Patreon and social media.

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All of the following programs are offered at low cost or without a fee requirement. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so through the registration process, or via our Donation Page. Thank you for your support! 

Please note that if you are planning on attending any program in person, you can pay the program registration fee in person at the door. Registration online is only required if you will be attending the program online via Zoom. In-person registration can be paid by cash, or check made out to The Zen Society. 

Upcoming In-Person & Online Zendo Programs (Zoom) for December 2022
* Please note that masks are now optional when attending in person at the Zendo


The Ease & Joy of Morning Meditation (Virtual Meditation Online Only)

 Livestream Meditation Schedule:

Every day (7 Days/week, at 5:30am Online)


Zazen is the dharma gate of great ease and joy

— this is the standard that Master Dogen lays down.

Join us for a morning of meditation where we sit with ease and intimacy. We spend this time together in self-exploration and investigation. It is ideal for beginners, intermediate, and experienced meditators who wish to deepen their practice. The Ease and Joy of Mornings is open to everyone.


We come together as community to sit Zazen, or silent illumination, for 25-30 minutes.  On some mornings, Zazen is followed by a short reading and reflection, and we close with a recitation of the Four Great Vows and the Benefit for All.   




The Ease & Joy of Evening Meditation & Dharma Discussion

Virtual Meditation and a brief Evening Dharma Discussion (Online Only)


Livestream Meditation: Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 7:00pm - 8:00pm 



Practice and enlightenment, the masters have long said, are both solitary and social endeavors. We need each other for reflection, encouragement and inspiration. Though some may have a strong capacity for seclusion, Sangha is one of the three precious gems for a very good reason—we depend on each other to wake up. "We Are More Together Than Alone."

Guidelines for Participating (Zazen) Meditation Over Zoom:

  • Please join sittings a few minutes before the scheduled time, so as to be seated and settled in place before the period of zazen begins.

  • Please keep your microphone muted until the very end.

  • The group leader will ring three bells to begin zazen & one bell to signal the end of zazen.




CEREMONY- Rohatsu Sesshin- OPEN TO ALL - In Person and Online
Wednesday December 7th - December 11th, 2022, beginning 7:00pm Weds
Join the Monks of Jizo-an for this auspicious celebration ceremony

ROHATSU SESSHIN- Observing the Buddha's Enlightenment
Rohatsu Sesshin is an annual event traditionally held throughout the Buddhist traditions and practice centers throughout the world around December 8th and marks the enlightenment of the historical Buddha. It is a powerful event, a gathering of monks, students, community and dharma friends who are dedicated to awakening and realizing the way of loving-kindness, compassion and wisdom. This sesshin (retreat) is in silence, with periods of sitting and walking meditation. Rohatsu Sesshin provides a powerful, peaceful and inspirational environment supporting the unification of body, mind and community.
Rohatsu Sesshin is a wonderful experience of coming together with others, joined in a collective effort to bring healing and transformation to their lives and to the world. We welcome everyone to sit in sacred silence with the monks and Sangha of the Jizo-an Zen Community. You can come for all or part of this sesshin. Most of this sesshin will be available on-line as well if you are unable to participate in person. 

For those attending in person, We will be offering lunch and dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and lunch on Sunday.  
To register for this event, let us know using the link below, what days, times and meals you are planning on attending. We are offering this O-Rohatsu Sesshin at no cost. The daily schedule is here.

THIS EVENT IS DONATION ONLY...your contributions allow the Monks of Jizo-an to continue offering a place to come together for the longevity of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. You'll find the donation button at the bottom of this page. With gratitude, from all of us here at Jizo-an Zen Center.  

Join the Monks at Jizo-an for this auspicious retreat. To enter the live online event, or to confirm attendance in person, please click the appropriate link below.


This is Love

Zen Studies Program - In Person and Online
Wednesday December 14th 2022, 7:00pm

Join Rev. Kevin Genjo LeBlanc for meditation and a Dharma Talk

All Beings Want Happiness; All Beings Wish To Be Free From Harm

At the core of all sentient beings is the in-born desire to be happy and the wish to be free from harm. This isn't a special gift entrusted to humans only; even rats and insects, lions and birds and the myriad other animals and plants on our planet have this innate quality. Yet it seems that in our humanness we have confused 'happiness' for comfort and harm for something other than physical pain. The Buddha's path is one of investigation into this thing we call the self'.

Who is the one deciding? Who is the one liking and disliking? Is there a dream or a dreamer? The life of investigation allows a person to engage in contemplation through certain disciplines so as to understand Reality and our place in it. The greatest achievement a human can accomplish in this life, is understanding what we are and in what ways we can share that in the world.

Join us for an evening of Zazen, chanting of the sutras and a Dharma discussion

(in-person need not register online)


Zen Studies Program - In Person and Online

Wednesday December 21st, 2022, 7:00pm

Join Rev. Orlando Donen Nieves for Zazen and a Dharma Talk: 

A Season of Giving and Receiving- The Paramita of Generosity and Gratitude

Dana Paramita, the perfection of generosity or giving is an essential practice in Buddhism. The great Chan master, Huihai once said, "Deluded people fail to understand that the other five Paramitas all proceed from the Dana Paramita and that by it's practice all the others are fulfilled.

Our limited understanding of giving, often leads us to think it only concerns our material or monetary belongings...but in further understanding we can realize that giving has to do with all of our actions and non-actions. Also the cultivation of generosity has a strange by-product...gratitude. Spiritual practice is deeply rooted in paradox; in giving, we receive...by surrendering, we find strength and by dying, we fully live.

Join the Monks of Jizo-an for an evening of meditation, chanting of the Sutras and contemplation of the Dharma.


(in-person need not register online)

Chimon Chimes

Sunday Morning Meditation and Liturgy - In Person and Online *
Sunday, December 18th, 2022,  9:00 am

Join us in-person for our Sunday morning meditation and chanting of the Sutras through Liturgy. Chanting of the sutras is a way for us to connect with each other in a deeper sense, as well offering thanks to all the many beings and the Buddhas of the past, present and future. Zazen is not a means to an end, it is enlightenment itself. The seed of enlightenment resides within the human mind...the Zafu becomes the vehicle.

Meditation starts at 9:00am, please join a few moments early for any instructions.

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(* in-person need not register online)