At this time, Pine Wind Zen Community, Jizo-an Monastery Temple (Zendo) is OPEN for Public Visits to convene in person once again. We also continue Livestreaming for some of our events. Please refer to this web page (see below) for updated information on In-Person and Livestream Online Zendo Events, and other ways to connect. You can also keep up with us through our Newsletter  and our podcast, as well as Patreon and social media.

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All of the following programs are offered at low cost or without a fee requirement. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so through the registration process, or  via our Donation Page. Thank you for your support!

Upcoming In-Person & Online Zendo Programs (Zoom) for September 2021

"We have looked away from ourselves and toward other for so long that we have forgotten who we truly are. Zen is a road map which, when fully engaged, can lead us back to ourselves and the only real source for our happiness. There is no magic here and I am not a magician. Zen-Traning both challenges, as well as provides ancient techniques and solutions for navigating our lives through whatever challenges life presents us. The techniques we are offered are very simple and, because of their simplicity, will prove to be most difficult. After forty-five years I have concluded, however, that if we engage this path wholeheartedly, we will know what it really is to live our lives as fully as possible. Our final destination is where we began our journey - Home."  - Seijaku Roshi


The Ease & Joy of Morning Meditation (Virtual Meditation Online Only)

Livestream Meditation Schedule:

(Everyday at 5:30am Online)


Zazen is the dharma gate of great ease and joy

— this is the standard that Master Dogen lays down.

Join Rev. Genjo LeBlanc. OGL for a morning of meditation where we’ll learn to sit with ease and intimacy. We spend this time together in curiosity and exploration. It is an ideal entryway for beginners and even intermediate or long-time meditators who want to refresh and renew the meditation experience. The Ease and Joy of Mornings is for everyone; no one is left out.


In addition to an introduction of some basic Zen forms, you will learn how to establish and maintain a comfortable sitting posture, how to focus on your breath, and how to engage the self with intimacy and curiosity.



Emyo Incensing Buddha Altar

The Ease & Joy of Evening Meditation & Dharma Discussion

Virtual Meditation and a brief Evening Dharma Discussion (Online Only)

Livestream Meditation - Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 7:00pm - 8:00pm 

EVERY WEEK of the month.

Practice and enlightenment, the masters have long said, are both solitary and social endeavors. We need each other for reflection, encouragement and inspiration. Though some may have a strong capacity for seclusion, Sangha is one of the three precious gems for a very good reason. We depend on each other to wake up. "We Are More Together Than Alone."

Guidelines for Participating (Zazen) Meditation Over Zoom


  • Please join sittings a few minutes before the scheduled time, so as to be seated and settled in place before the period of zazen begins.

  • Please keep your microphone muted until the very end.

  • The group leader will ring three bells to begin zazen.

  • The group leader will ring one bell to signal the end of zazen.



Virtual Zen Studies Program -  Bodhidharma: Founder of Zen or Eccentric Oddball?

Wednesday September 1st @ 7:00pm In-Person or Online

Suggested donation: $15


Join Sensei Emyo, OGL and the Monks of Pine Wind

Bodhidharma: Founder of Zen or Eccentric Oddball?

The whole point of Zen training and all of it's subtleties of practice has one point and one point only -  realization of the self.

Zen as we practice it today was transmitted by the Indian monk Bodhidharma after arriving in China in the late 4th century. It was said that he was the first to introduce the teachings that would define Zen. Most of what we know of Bodhidharma are the things of legend and folklore, which seem to make Bodhidharma a 'Bigger than Life' character.

Join us as we explore this legendary founder of Zen.

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Virtual Zen Studies Program - Not Knowing is Most Intimate

Wednesday September 8th, 2021 @ 7:00pm  In-Person or Online

Suggested Donation: $15

Join Orlando Donen Nieves, OGL & The Monks of Pine Wind.

Not Knowing is Most Intimate:

The Illusion of control and certainty in our life often makes us feel very uncomfortable with not knowing. We wish very much to know all the answers to our many questions and so called "problems," and we'd probably prefer if  all the answers were given to us like a cheat sheet - all the right answers checked off!!!  The feeling of uncertainty gives rise to anxiousness and confusion, which leaves us feeling as though we are on unstable ground. And yet, if we learn to explore this grip on control, an astonishing thing can happen...the realization that we don't need it.  Life is perfect and complete in each moment.  This is Beginners Mind - open and spacious.

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Saturday Morning Zazen
Saturday, September 11th @ 9:00am IN-PERSON ONLY

Join the Monks of Pine Wind as we come together to participate in this ancient practice of
'just sitting' or Zazen. The Chan monks referred to it as  'silent illumination'. Although the instructions for sitting Zazen are generally very basic and simple, its depth and insight reaches far beyond what any written words can possibly portray. This is open to all persons; whether experienced or a beginner.

Be sure to arrive a few minutes beforehand for any instructions to make sure we are able to all begin on time...wear comfortable loose clothing. Cushions and chairs are provided.


Virtual Zen Studies Program - Time is Friction

Wednesday September 15th, 2021 @ 7:00pm  In-Person or Online

Suggested Donation: $15

Join Rev. Genjo Kevin LeBlanc, OGL & The Monks of Pine Wind.


Time is Friction:

Everything leaves a trace; Winds carve canyons, waters carve lands, and mountains blossom slowly; and yet we humans live fairly quickly in the scheme of things...80, 90 or 100 years is a blink of an eye to the cosmos. This may partly be the reason we look at things through a very small lens (perception). Think of a fly: it is born, eats, mates and dies all in about 20 or so days. They don't have time to be visionaries!  And in many ways, neither do we.  But because we have lost sight, or maybe because so few humans ever really had it (sight), our confusion and 'lostness' has been increasing as quickly (if not more so) as our distractions have. 

This is not to say that Zen has a heap of visionaries; this is to say, be who you are, not who you 'think' you are. And if you don't know what that is, start looking...Come back to the mountains and rivers, they speak the loudest when we are close.

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Sunday Morning Liturgy
Sunday, September 19th @ 8:30am  IN-PERSON ONLY

Join the Monks of Pine Wind for our monthly Liturgy where we come together to chant the Sutras, make offerings and prayers for the benefit of all beings and healing for the world. 

We will start the morning with a period of Zazen (seated meditation) followed by our Liturgy. Plan on arriving a few minutes early so that we will be ready to start on time. Cushions and chairs are provided.