At this time, Pine Wind Zen Community, Jizo-an Monastery Temple (Zendo) is Closed for Public Visits until it is safe for us to convene in person once again. In the meantime, like so many others around the world, we’ll be using the Internet to stay connected. Please refer to this web page (see below) for updated information on Livestream, Online Zendo Events, and other ways to connect. You can also keep up with us through our Newsletter  and our podcast as well as social media.
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All of the following programs are offered at low cost or without a fee requirement. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so through the registration process, or  via our Donation Page. Thank you for your support!

Upcoming Online Zendo Programs (Zoom)

for April 2021

"We have looked away from ourselves and toward other for so long that we have forgotten who we are. Zen, Zen- is a road map which when fully engaged can lead us back to ourselves and the only real source for our happiness. There is no magic here and, I am not a magician. Zen-Traning both challenges as well as, provides with ancient techniques and solutions for navigating our lives through whatever challenges life presents us. The techniques we are offered are very simple and because of their simplicity, will prove to be most difficult.

After forty-five years I have concluded however, that if we engage this path wholeheartedly, we will know what it really is to live our lives as fully as possible. Our final destination is where we began our journey - Home."  - Seijaku Roshi

The Ease & Joy of Morning Meditation (Virtual Meditation)

Livestream Meditation Schedule -

(Monday-Friday 5:30am & Thursdays 9:30am)


Zazen is the dharma gate of great ease and joy

— this is the standard Master Dogen lays down.


Join Rev. Genjo LeBlanc for a morning of meditation where we’ll learn to sit with ease and intimacy. We spend this time together in curiosity and exploration. It is an ideal entryway for beginners and even intermediate or long-time meditators who want to refresh and renew the meditation experience. The Ease and Joy of Mornings is for everyone; no one is left out.


In addition to an introduction of some basic Zen forms, you will learn how to establish and maintain a comfortable sitting posture, how to focus on your breath, and how to engage the self with intimacy and curiosity.




The Ease & Joy of Evening Contemplation 

Virtual Meditation, Prayer, and Evening Message Online

Livestream Meditation - Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 7:00pm - 8:00pm 

EVERY WEEK of the month.

Practice and enlightenment, the masters have long said, are both solitary and social endeavors. We need each other for reflection, encouragement and inspiration. Though some may have a strong capacity for seclusion, sangha is one of the three precious gems for a very good reason. We depend on each other to wake up. "We Are More Together Than Alone"!

You are invited to join Seijaku Roshi or a Senior Monks for a period of seated and walking meditation, prayers for healing and renewal, and a brief Dharma teaching.

Guidelines for Participating (Zazen) Meditation Over Zoom


  • Please join sittings a few minutes before the scheduled time, so as to be seated and settled in place before the period of zazen begins.

  • Please keep your microphone muted until the very end.

  • The group leader will ring three bells to begin zazen.

  • The group leader will ring one bell to signal the end of zazen.


Virtual Zen Studies Program - The Buddha's Prescription for Cessation from Suffering. Wednesday April 7, 2021 at 7:00pm

Join Sensei Emyo Bizub, OGL & The Monks of Pine Wind for an evening designed for Beginners as well as more seasoned students of Meditation and Zen.

The Evening will include a period of seated Zen Meditation (Shikantaza) and, Evening Prayers and a Dharma Teaching:

“Future generations stand to inherit a greatly spoiled world. Our children and grandchildren should not have to pay the cost of our generation’s irresponsibility,” he said, in his strongest and most direct intervention yet on the climate crisis. “Indeed, as is becoming increasingly clear, young people are calling for a change.”  Pope Francis

Earth Day is Everyday from a Buddhist Perspective


The Buddha taught that respect for life and the natural world is essential. By living simply and following the Buddhist precepts one can be in harmony with other creatures and learn to appreciate the interconnectedness of all that lives, and all that exists beyond the human realm. With Earth Day just a few weeks away this talk will focus on Buddhist ethics as they relate to the natural world.

Benefactor Members Registration


Livestream Online Event

A Day of Noble Silence for Reconciliation and Healing

Saturday April 10 2021 9:00am - 4:00pm

"God speaks to us in Silence. We here God's voice in Silence. We bear our deepest hopes and fears in Silence.  It is both fitting and essential we enter Noble Silence as regularly as possible.

Join The Monks of Pine Wind for a day of authentic Zen Practice.  The day will include extended periods of seated and walking meditation, and/or prayer offering.

Limited spaces available at Pine Wind for those wishing to physically attend. (According to CDC guidelines).  You must contact Sensei Emyo at early to secure a space.

The event will also be Live streamed via Zoom.

Benefactor Members Registration


Virtual Zen Studies Program - The Buddha's Prescription for Cessation 

From Suffering - "Lojong - Training the Mind"

Wednesday April 14, 2021 at 7:00pm

Lojong: Training the Mind

This Tibetan mind-training system comprises fifty-nine pithy slogans to build confidence in our original compassionate nature —even if years of ego-centered habits sometimes cover and distort this innate impulse. We will review some of this practice in the hope that it will allow us to gradually unlearn egocentric habits and clear away their cloudy overlays, allowing the warmth and brilliance of natural wakefulness to shine.

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We Are More Together Than Alone - "Slowly Is The Way"

Saturday April 17, 2021 @ 7:00pm


"The Artists is no other than he or she who unlearns what they have learned, in order to know themself." -- E. E. Cummings

"We often rush to cultivate our gifts in order to accomplish or secure what we want or dream of, but our beauty is released when we slow down to meet the world through what we're given. In our rush to accomplish and secure our ideas of success and security, we sacrifice life, our experience of life, which will never return to us. Life will unwind us until we accept that the journey of a soul on Earth is to discover what really matters by making good use of our heart."

Join Seijaku Roshi and The Monks of Pine Wind for this most Sacred exploration -- The Journey of a Soul.

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Sunday Morning Liturgy, Prayers, and Dharma Teaching

Sunday April 18, 2021  9:00am

You are Invited to join The Monks of Pine Wind for our Monthly Liturgy for Global Healing and Renewal of Faith and Devotion, during these difficult times.

The morning includes Prayers for Healing, Dharma Reading, and a Dharma Teaching.

Click Here to Access This Event.  


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Virtual Zen Studies Program - The Buddha's Prescription for Cessation from Suffering

Wednesday April 21, 2021 @ 7:00pm


The Song of Zazen, by Hakuin Zenji

An exploration of Hakuin’s poem and its deep expression of The Pure Lotus Land.

Join Rev. Genjo Kevin Leblanc, OGL as he guides us through a fascinating exploration of one of the most famous Zen Poems.

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