“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”   - Mother Teresa

There are few resources as rich and diverse as what is offered here at Pine Wind, and through our network of devoted volunteers including, monks, laity, family and friends, who continue to reach far and wide. We are grateful to count you among them.


You know first-hand that it is impossible to do this vast work alone. Each of us serves and contributes to bring this about in our own way according to our talents, time, and treasures. Your generosity provides the vital means to support all that Pine Wind Zen Community offers in opportunities for meditation, education, Zen Studies in Spirituality Programs, and engaged Zen-Buddhist practice, and allows us to direct your gift wherever it is most needed throughout the coming year.

Your gift, provides much needed support for the day to day operations of Pine Wind Zen Community - The Center For Spirituality & Contemplation and the numerous public programs and offerings, giving vitality to our Center, making a difference in the lives of all who seek refuge here. 

Our work continues and has only been possible because of the loyal commitment of people like you. The Center provides an environment or context for training the mind; Meditation; Mindfulness; Prayer and Contemplation; and Benevolent Service. This allows them to take the practice of loving-kindness and compassion from our center into the world. 
PWZC, The Center For Spirituality & Contemplation, is a 501C-3 non-profit organization NJ. Every dollar of your monthly tax-deductible donation goes directly for and is used exclusively to pay expenses involved with maintaining Pine Wind and bringing dharma offerings and programs to many lives.  

(No portion of your donation is used in the form of compensation to myself and my brother and sister Monks, whose service is volunteered.)

With a deep bow of gratitude,

Seijaku Roshi

You may use your credit card below or you may also send your check made payable to:  

The Zen Society, 863 McKendimen Road Shamong, NJ. 08088