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"You do not have to be a monk to train like a monk,

but you have to train like a monk."

"The Monks devotion to a life of meditation, contemplation and prayer is central, and informs his or her understanding of the Ancient Texts. This is the only reason why he or she begins their day in serene meditation and prayer, until their entire life is serene and a prayer for all sentient beings." - Seijaku Roshi

Living a Zen-Inspired Lifewill introduce you to ancient teachings for modern living and provide you with powerful insights and tools for navigating through uncertainty; cope with daily stress; obtain a better awareness of oneself as a means to letting go of unproductive habits and reactions and discover one's inherent potential for contentment and well-being.


Combining Ancient Zen-Buddhist Teachings, Formal Zen Training (Ango), including Zen-Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques, and the Wisdom teachings of both the Eastern and Western Contemplative Masters, the program teaches participants how to meet todays challenges at home and in the workplace more skillfully, reconnect with what really matters, and begin to live their lives with confidence and authenticity.

Living a Zen-Inspired Life - has its roots in Zen-Buddhist and Western Contemplative teachings and practices as conveyed by Seijaku Roshi since 1985, and is taught in a way that is appropriate for any or no religious affiliation. 


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Seijaku Roshi

Seijaku Roshi

1st Wednesday of the Month

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Suggested Donation $15 per/session

Wednesday July 1, 2020

"Trust In Mind - the Hsin Shin Ming
of Tseng Ts’an, Third Patriarch of Zen"

A Four Part Series Dharma Teaching

July 1, 2020

July 18, 2020


Rabbi Chimon Simon, OGL

2nd Wednesday of the Month

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Wednesday July 8, 2020


Why are we so impatient when it comes to life and what we want to accomplish? 

Learning Patience is essential, the pacing of life little by little. We are not here to find Heaven on Earth. We are here to release Heaven by living slowly and deliberately, without fear, on Earth. 

How do we accomplish this?


What Spiritual practices are involved? Can we learn to Love? 

Join Chimon as he guides and advises us on this path.



Genjo Kevin LeBlanc, OGL

3rd  Wednesday of the Month

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Wednesday JuLY 15, 2020


What does it mean to live Your Life as A Vow?

While livining morally is as important as any commitment to meditation and mindfulness, our focus is rooted in our daily living, including our interactions with others and our daily responsibilities; our habitual distractions, addictions, attachments and desires become the ground for liberating ourselves from our discontentment and their real causes.

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