Jizo-an Zen Community

                                                   Open House

    We would like to invite you to our first open house in our new Zendo! The monks of the Jizo-an Zen Community understand that it can be intimidating to explore new spiritual paths...so this can be a great way to explore. All are welcome to come and see what we do and learn about our practice and the long history of Jizo-an. The Open House is an opportunity to see our Zendo (meditation hall), meet the monks and ask any questions that you may have regarding Zen or the Jizo-an Zen Community in a relaxed and open atmosphere. You can email us if you have any other questions regarding the open house...Refreshments will be provided.

                                                                           When: Sunday, August 21, 2022

                                                                                     11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

                                                                                  Where: Executive Mews

                                                                           1930 Marlton Pike East (Route 70)

                                                                           Suite L-63 (Near the leasing office)

                                                                                       Cherry Hill, NJ 08003



The Zen Society has a New Home

The Monks of Jizo-an have re-located to our new home, the Jizo-an Zen Community Zendo on Rt. 70 (1930 Marlton Pike East) in Cherry Hill.  We look forward to this new chapter in our evolution, and to settling into our new Zendo location.  We are excited for what the future holds for our community, and we are greatly looking forward to continuing our programs and teachings, both in-person and online, and to expanding upon our beloved Roshi's vision and teaching legacy at our new Zendo.  We are truly grateful for our community's continued support, as we look to continue to grow and evolve in the years to come.


The Buddhadharma is very mobile and can be taken wherever we go.  It is not dependent on any one physical location.  How we will practice in our new location will change very little from our practice at Pine Wind Zen Center. We will still offer teachings, meditation and mindfulness, chanting of the sutras, offering incense and prayers, and sitting in the silence of the Zendo as a community.  And of course our offerings on Zoom reach everywhere, as we continue to offer programs online.  The monks will continue to advance Roshi’s vison of a thriving Zen community and a more just and compassionate world.  We begin programs at our new location in January.  Stay tuned for more information and our current schedule of programs. 

* Please note that wearing a mask is now optional and at your discretion when attending programs in person at the Zendo.  Thank you.


The Order of The Great Lights

The Zen Society, Jizo-an Zen Community

Our Mission...

We are a diverse community of Contemplative Zen Monks, founded in 1985 by our brother, the Abbot Seijaku Roshi. Inspired by a monastic tradition reaching back centuries, and supported by men and women from all walks of life, we are shaped by the teachings of the Buddhadharma, the Mystical Torah, the Rule of Saint Benedict, and the Gospels.


We hope to live the teachings of Loving-kindness, Compassion, and Benevolent Service for all beings together.  Seeking to help create an "Enlightened Society," we hope that we will, in some measure, foster the healing and reconciliation of the whole human family.

We offer both traditional and innovative ways to nurture and engage Authentic Spirituality through our public programs and retreats. All are welcome to visit, and to join us in our celebrations of common prayer, meditation, and learning.

Our Zendo or Meditation Hall  affords an atmosphere in which quiet reflection and prayer are accessible to all.


Whether attending in-person or online, a Wednesday Evening Zen Studies Class, a seminar, Liturgy Service, or a full-day or half-day retreat, you will have the opportunity to experience a welcoming and contemplative environment — a dynamic, integrated spiritual community and a place to encounter your own inner silence, wisdom, and compassion.

"Community is the Spirit, the Guiding Light, whereby people come together to fulfill a purpose, to help others fulfill their purpose, and to take care of one another."


 Our Life Values (FAQ)                Photo Gallery of The Monks

Jizo-an Zen Community offers a variety of in-person and online programs to inspire, serve, and educate the public about the Dharma and the meaning of Living Spiritually in the World — Living a Zen-Inspired Life.  We offer both free programs, as well as programs accessible by donation. 

Please note that if you are planning on attending any program in person, you can pay the program registration fee in person at the door.  Registration online is only required if you will be attending the program online via Zoom.  In-person registration can be paid by cash or check, made out to The Zen Society.


What Bonds The Monks of Pine Wind?
by Joe Lamberti, Cherry Hill Courier-Post
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Jizo-an Zen Community

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Executive Mews, Suite L-63

Cherry Hill, NJ  08003


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