The Order of The Great Lights

Pine Wind Zen Community Jizo-an Monastery

Our Mission...

We are a diverse community of Contemplative Monks, founded in 1985 by our brother, the Abbot Seijaku Roshi. Inspired by a monastic tradition reaching back centuries, and supported by men and women from all walks of life; shaped by the teachings of the Buddhadharma, the Mystical Torah, the Rule of Saint Benedict, and the Gospels.


We hope to live the teachings of Loving-kindness, Compassion, and Benevolent Service together.  Seeking to help create

an "Enlightened Society," we hope that we will in some measure, foster the healing and reconciliation of the whole human family.


We offer both traditional and innovative ways to nurture and engage Authentic Spirituality through our public programs and retreats. All are welcome to visit, and to join us in our celebrations of common prayer, meditation, and learning.
Our Zendo, or Meditation Hall (Closed to The Public Currently Due to COVID-19), and grounds (Open to visit from 9:00am to 4:00pm daily), afford an atmosphere in which quiet reflection and prayer are accessible to all.


Whether attend a Livestream Wednesday Evening Class, a seminar, or a one-day or half day, or weekend retreat, you will have the opportunity to experience the Monastery's cloister - a dynamic integrated spiritual community and a place to encounter your own inner silence, wisdom, and compassion.

"Community is the Spirit, the Guiding Light, whereby people come together to fulfill a purpose, to help others fulfill their purpose, and to take care of one another."


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PWZC/Jizo-an Monastery offfers a vairety of online programs to inspire, serve, and educate the public about the Dharma and the meaning of Living Spiritually in the World - Living a Zen-Inspired Life.

What Bonds The Monks of Pine Wind?
by Joe Lamberti, Cherry Hill Courier-Post
O Rohatsu Seshin 2019


Pine Wind Zen Community

Jizo-an Monastery

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