The Art of Zen-Parenting

October 15, 2016  9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

The Art of Zen-Parenting is a monthly discussion between a Parent-Monk and other Parents; a shared effort toward creating a more compassionate and loving-kind home life for parents and their children.

This 3 hour introductory seminar will introduce parents to basic Zen principles grounded in the fundamental principle called "Basic Goodness," which teaches that each and every one of us without exception possess "basic goodness" a consciousness of loving-kindness and compassion as well as the wisdom for living a full and happy life.

The morning will include a Dharma Teaching by Seijaku Roshi and instructions on Mindfulness Techniques and Zen Meditation.


Bring the Kids... During the seminar children will have an opportunity to be with other children for arts & crafts and meditation instructions while parents are taking the seminar.


AN ONGOING MONTHLY PARENT GROUP MEETING WILL BE OFFERED AT THE END OF THIS SEMINAR:  Participants will have the opportunity to gather in the spirit of community and, receive additional instructions in Mindfulness and Zen Meditation, strengthen their parenting skills, and experience support through sharing and Q&A.

A space will be provided for children to come together and develop mindfulness skills and meditation also, while parents are meeting.