Spiritual-Life Coaching with Seijaku Roshi

Spiritual-Life Coaching is an opportunity to work one-on-one with American Zen Master Seijaku Roshi. Bringing a Mastery of over 40 years experience merging traditional Zen-Buddhist practices with a contemporary approach to emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness, helping people alleviate the sources of discontentment in their lives through basic principles of mindfulness, simplicity, and self-awareness.  
Through these seamless and proven healing techniques clients acquire a greater sense of overall health and happiness.  Seijaku Roshi has coached clients and trained students from all walks of life and religious affiliations. 
Seijaku Roshi is the Founder of The Zen Society, Abbot of Jizo-an Monastery/Pine Wind Zen Community, Author, Keynote Speaker, Parent, and Small-Business Owner.


Who Can Benefit?


Spiritual-Life Coaching is a process of self-discovery that helps you produce positive results in your life. It is a dynamic practice that enables you to clarify who you are, what you want, and to find a path that resonates with what you are truly passionate about.


Personal Life-Coaching




Individuals fee $100 per/session 

Spouse/Partner fee $125 per/session
Professional/Executive Life-Coaching Fees:
Individual Sessions:  $125  Package 6 Sessions:  $700

For Same Day Appointments You Will Need to call 609.268.9151.  We Cannot Guarentee Availability.

Spiritual-Life Coaching with Rabbi Richard Chimon Simon, OGL


Are you ready to take responsibility for your own spiritual development, since no one can do it for you? Rabbi Richard Chimon Simon, OGL offers a compassionate course of study and private guidance for those who are ready for serious spiritual and psychological growth, both Waking Up and Growing Up.


Through intuitive readings and other practices, Chimon will seek out the “root of your Soul” and help you grow towards its fulfillment. This can involve many different modalities, including meditation, movement, subtle energy (shamanic) practices, intuitive development, Shadow Work, spiritual study, and more. Chimon teaches people of various religious and spiritual practices. 


The goal is to increase your Knowledge and Awareness, ultimately discovering your Oneness with the Divine. In doing so you become the more effective, productive, caring, and compassionate. At times the Work stretches you and is not easy, but it is always rewarding. 

Rabbi Richard Chimon Simon, OGL is a Monk of Pine Wind, and has been studying spirituality and mysticism for over forty years. This study included Wicca, Western Occultism, Kabbalah, Zen Buddhism, Sufism, and Integral Spirituality. His teachers and mentors include Seijaku Roshi, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Draja Mickaharic, and Dan Millman. He also relies heavily on the teachings of Ken Wilber and other Integral thinkers.


Rabbi Simon works as a congregational rabbi, hospital chaplain, spiritual director, and Spiritual Eldering Mentor. He has been leading workshops and retreats about spiritual growth for over thirty years, is currently in monastic training, and is part of the teaching faculty of Pine Wind Zen Community.



“The wisdom, insight and guidance of a spiritual teacher is invaluable for those intrepid Souls that travel on the road of growth, change, acceptance and Presence with Life.  With more than 25 years of deep experience, Rabbi Richard Simon offers invaluable insight and support for those who seek tools to experience the Mystery of Life in its fullest sense.” 

--- Dr. Sharon A. Berkowitz, student of Rabbi Simon since 1996