Visiting Pine Wind - Seeking Refuge

Jizo-an Monastery: The Community for Spirituality & Contemplation, is "A Place of Refuge", nestled in the historic Pinelands of Southern NJ. In this time of challenge and heightened uncertainty, Pine Wind Zen Community invites and welcomes every person seeking refuge in the ancient teachings of wisdom, compassion, and fellowship, with a living, thriving, monastic and lay Community.

We welcome you to explore Pine Wind's beautiful campus and meet the Monks and other members.  The grounds are open between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday - Saturday. We invite you to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding Pinelands, and walk the Peace Trail during your visit.


Attending an Event for the First Time 

First time visitors are encouraged to join us in-person or online for your first visit to Pine Wind on one of the three Wednesday evenings of the month, designed for both beginners and first time visitors, as well as seasoned practitioners.  On the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesday of the month we offer a Zen Studies  program that includes instruction in Zazen (Zen meditation), Zen forms or etiquette, Sutra chanting, and a Dharma Teaching.  The evening program will introduce you to the practice of Zen and give you a feeling for how we train at Pine Wind. 


Once you have attended  a Wednesday evening program, you are welcome and encouraged to join us for meditation and all other public events, including liturgy service and retreats, throughout the year.


In-Person & Online Zendo Events


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Coming to a Retreat

In-Person or Livestream Online Zendo retreats at Pine Wind are different from those offered at most other retreat centers. Participants take part in a unique integration of the retreat’s topic and authentic Zen training, stepping into the monastic schedule and cloistered community for half-a-day, a full day, or a weekend.

Each retreat begins with a liturgy, instructions in Zen meditation, and an orientation to Zendo forms and etiquette. The serene mind cultivated in zazen (meditation) is carried into all activities: walking meditation, liturgical services, working together and sharing meals in silence, and participating in workshops and seminars. 


Be prepared for a rich and challenging experience as you and the other participants enter into the challenging and powerful discipline of monastic Zen training.

For anyone with an interest in learning more about Zen training, particularly as it unfolds in cloistered community at Pine Wind, we suggest our annual Ango, or Zen Training Period, which commences in September.

In-Person & Online Zendo Events

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