Advanced Zen Meditation For Yoga Teachers

Sponsored by Yoga Nine

Sunday May 20, 2018 9:00pm - 3:00pm

Zen Meditation is part of an ancient tradition that dates back at least 2500 years; Yoga 5,000 years, and has produced great spiritual and philosophical Masters who have provided answers to some of life’s biggest questions. 

The understanding that Zen Meditation and Yoga is in fact a complete science, the integration of these two "essential" practices, are often taken for granted in a culture that focuses mainly on the physical development. 

If we travel into the past, perhaps we can remember what these ancient practices were originally designed for—

the integration of the mind and body as a means of reconnecting with the Divine. Yoga is so much more than asana.

We understand not everyone comes to a yoga class seeking enlightenment. It is our hope and commitment that, over time, the true nature of a dedicated practice takes hold and takes flight. 

In that spirit, we've created a course to help you take your teaching and your students to the next level.

Experience Meditation with an authentic Zen Master in an authentic Zen Monastery!

Sunday, May 20, 2018 - 9 - 3pm

This workshop is designed to: 

Deepen the spiritual nature of your personal practice. Strengthen your ability to deliver more authentic, inspiring classes. You will learn the subtleties of how Buddha's Noble 8 Fold Path differs from Patanjali's 8 Limbed Path, and how both can be taken "off the mat" into daily life. 


Yoga isn't about the time spent in poses. It's about the lessons taken from those poses and applied to one's existence. Zen Meditation and Dharma teachings can bridge that understanding, helping you and your students realize a more connected practice and bountiful state of being.

This workshop is open to all lineages, teachers, and non-teachers alike. Participants will be engaged through Dharma talks, seated and walking meditation, and a spirited QA, including lunch. 


Register by May 11th, 2018 - $125  FINAL DAY!
$160 thereafter. 

Want to bring your students or fellow teachers? 

Group discounts available and studio partnerships considered.
Please email or call 609.268.9151 for details.    

This Event is sponsored by Yoga Nine of Ventnor City, NJ. 

  Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits available.  (6 hours of YTA continuing education credits)

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