Not Two:  Making Our Whole Lives The Path of the Spiritual Warrior
A Course in Spirituality One-Day Retreat
Saturday April 8, 2017

"When we are truly ready to transform our lives we enter into a sacred space somewhere between the past and the future, filled with infinite possibilities, immeasurable opportunities never available to us until now.  The transformation has begun, but can only be sustained with diligence, perseverance, and skillfulness; an arduous lifelong journey back to the very place we began, back to who we truly are."  - Seijaku Roshi


In this retreat we will begin by exploring the Four Noble Truths.  We will examine the Nature of our Discontentment; the Causes for our Discontentment, and the Tools for Transforming our Discontentment.

We will explore:


  • The Anatomy of Mind

  • The Anatomy of Cultivating Real Insight (Wisdom)

  • The Anatomy of Spiritual Development (Application)

  • Making Our Whole Lives a Spiritual Practice


Retreat Schedule:

8:45 AM   -    Sounding the Han

9:00 AM   -    Incensing the Altar

                       Dharma Teaching

12:00 PM -    Lunch

01:00 PM -    Dharma Teaching, Sharing Experience, Q&A

03:00 PM -    Meditation

04:30 PM -    Q&A  Summary of The Day

05:00 PM -    Departure

Registration Required.  Fee: $45.


Registration can be made by either check or money order made Payable To:  The Zen Society.  


Your may also Register with a Credit Card.  

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Zen Circle - The Ease & Joy of Being Present 

Saturday May 13, 2017

Pine Wind is pleased to offer a half-day of meditation practice for members and guests.

For those new to meditation, this day will be a perfect introduction, and for the more seasoned meditator you will have the opportunity to nourish it further.

The morning offers a time of peace & quiet and stillness and provides an excellent way to explore and deepen one’s zazen. The retreat will be introduced and concluded with a Dharma teaching.



8:30 AM  Arrival
9:00 AM  Welcome & Meditation Instruction
9:30 AM  Meditation (Zazen & Kinhinn or Walking Meditation)
11:30 AM  Dharma Talk Q&A
12:30 PM  End


MC/Visa Accepted (PayPal Processing Fee Included)