Realizing The Heart Mind


Saturday June 10, 2017

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Discover Your Own True Nature

Explore techniques from Ken Wilber’s Integral Life Practice and

Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind/Big Heart Process

Integral Life Practice (ILP)

As described by its authors, ILP condenses East and West, ancient and cutting edge, within a highly flexible and contemporary system that you can use whether you’re a professional, a mom, a student, an athlete, an engaged spiritual practitioner (including a beginner)—or anyone who sincerely desires to lead a life of freedom and fullness.

Developed by philosopher Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute, ILP provides the opportunity to fit and cultivate authentic spiritual practice into our modern world. It emphasizes balance across the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our lives. 



Big Mind/Big Heart Process

When we free ourselves from our attachments, we realize what we call ‘self’ is merely a concept composed of thousands of aspects or impressions of the self—referred to as ‘voices’ in these teachings. Each voice plays an important role in enabling the self to function in the world. But together we’ll learn to see that what we thought was the self is No-Self; it is, as the Buddha taught, not solid, substantial, or permanent and is therefore easier to let go of.” 

The goal of the workshop is to introduce all levels of practitioners to modern techniques that support your daily life and spiritual practice. You’ll be encouraged to explore any and all aspects of the ego, and taught ways to ultimately go beyond it.


Rabbi Richard Chimon Simon

A student and teacher of spirituality for over 40 years, he has studied with Martial Artists, Kabbalist's, Sufis, Western Occultists, Wiccan's, Shamans and others. Rabbi Simon has been a friend and fellow spiritual traveler with

Seijaku Roshi for over 25 years and is currently training with Roshi soon to be ordained as a Zen monk.

"Chimon's" vocation as a Rabbi and Spiritual Teacher is rooted in a deep appreciation of ancient Wisdom Traditions, and a unique ability to integrate the wisdom and insights of both East and West into everyday life.  

I strongly encourage everyone to not miss this opportunity to learn from and to be inspired by my friend and fellow monk!

- Seijaku Roshi

The Workshop

Rabbi Simon will share a brief morning ritual of movement, stretching and meditation, proven to be a powerful instrument for spiritual growth. This will be followed by an introduction to Integral Spirituality (also known as AQAL) guided by ILP techniques. Later in the workshop, you’ll be led through the Big Mind/Big Heart process that, for many, can lead to an immediate experience of Kensho (seeing one’s true nature).

REGISTRATION REQUIRED.  ($65  Lunch Included)

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