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The Miracle of Rohatsu Sesshin
December 8th - December 10th

Rohatsu Sesshin is an annual event traditionally held in Zen Monasteries and Practice Centers throughout the world around the 8th of December, and marks the enlightenment of the historical Buddha.  It is a powerful event, a gathering of Teachers, Monks, Students, Community, and Dharma Friends who are dedicated to awakening and realizing The Way of Loving-Kindness, Compassion, and Wisdom.  This Sesshin (retreat) is in silence, with periods of sitting and walking meditation. Sesshin provides a powerful, peaceful, and inspirational environment supporting the unification of body and mind, community, as well as our individuality within the Community and the World.

O-Rohatsu Sesshin is a wonderful experience of coming together with others, joined in a collective effort to bring healing and transformation to their lives and to the world. We welcome everyone to sit in sacred silence with the Monks and Sangha of Jizo-an Zen Community.

O-Rohatsu Sesshin begins Friday morning, December 8th through Sunday, December 10th.

This year, we will observe O-Rohatsu with a modified/hybrid schedule.  We will open with a sitting on Friday, December 4th in-person at the Murray Grove Retreat Center, and close O-Rohatsu on Sunday afternoon, December 10th, both in-person and online, with silent meditation, followed by a commemoration, reflection, and closing ceremony.

O-Rohatsu Schedule:

December 8th & 9th:  9 AM - 9 PM In-person and Online

December 10th:   9 AM - 2 P.M In-person and Online





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