The Miracle of O-Rohatsu Sesshin

December 11th - December 15th

O-Rohatsu Sesshin is an annual event traditionally held in Zen Monastery's throughout the world around the 8th of December and marks the enlightenment of the historical Buddha.  It is a powerful Life-changing event, a gathering of Teachers, Monks, Students of Meditation and Yoga, and friends who are dedicated to Awakening and Realizing The Way of Loving-Kindness, Compassion, and our inherent Wisdom.  


The retreat is in silence, with sitting and walking meditation, eating together as a community, daily dharma talks, private interviews with Seijaku Roshi, liturgy and samu (work practice). Sesshin provides a powerful peaceful and inspirational environment supporting the unification of body and mind, community, and our individuality with the Community and the World.

O-Rohatsu Sesshin is a wonderful experience of coming together with other like-minded people joined in a collective effort to bring healing and transformation to their lives and to the world, and it is also demanding in many ways. We welcome everyone including beginners, while encouraging only the very serious however to register. 

During this period the entire Monastery is transformed into a sacred space for real healing and transformation, deep silence, a truly peaceful and compassionate dwelling.

Meals are taken in sacred silence; while we make every effort to, we will not be able to meet all dietary needs. If you have any special food needs, please be sure to include that information when registering. 

"There's a reason O-Rohatsu sesshin is offered only once a year...Even after 40 years I know of no other practice so deeply touching, inspirational, and uniquely transformational. It is truly where many minds and bodies become one mind, one body; where All for One, and One for All is real."  - Seijaku Roshi

O-Rohatsu Sesshin Begins Wednesday evening December 11th through Sunday December 15th...

NOTE: Because Sesshin is a very intensive retreat, those wishing to attend including those who have never    participated in sesshin before or who are newer to Zen practice, should plan on attending  the

             "Introduction to O-Rohatsu Sesshin" scheduled for Wednesday Evening December 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM.


Please Read:   Coming to a Retreat     Sesshin Schedule



(Full) $135    (Daily) $45


(Full) $100     (Daily) $35

Fee Includes Meals and Lodging (Optional Lodging Available)

Total Price includes PayPal CC Fees.