The Community for Spirituality & Contemplation, Jizo-An Monastery, in Shamong, New Jersey, is a contemporary Zen Contemplative Spiritual Community dedicated to the development of the relationship between traditional Zen-Buddhist training as it evolved in Japan, Western Contemplative practices and traditions, and integrating these ancient wisdom practices into daily modern living.  The Monastery is the main house of The Order of The Great Lights - a Western Zen-Buddhist Contemplative  monastic sangha and lay-community, and home to Seijaku Roshi, Founder and Abbot. 

"Community is the spirit, the guiding light, whereby people come together to fulfill a purpose,

to help others fulfill their purpose, and to take care of one another."



Our Vision...

Our Vision focuses on integrating the principles of Living a Monastic Life and the activities of daily living in the modern world. Pine Wind offers opportunities to experience a spiritually diverse Monastic and Lay Community through Meditation, Prayer and Contemplation, and Service, providing an environment or context for training the mind (monastic spirit), integrated Zen studies, diversity, cultivating authentic spirituality, promoting global awareness of the unity of the human society and the natural world, and personal responsibility.  


The Monks of Pine Wind labor to promote social awareness about suffering, its causes and solutions, and realizing our vision by being a refuge to all who come through the temple doors, offering an alternative vision for Living a Meaningful & Purposeful Life that meets the needs of individuals, society, and the environment, and provides a way out of the suffering and confusion of a fear-driven culture and society.


What sets us apart from other Buddhist practice communities is our emphasis on "ecumenism," as well as "inclusiveness and diversity," welcoming persons of all religions and faiths, or no particular faith tradition, and providing a way for anyone, no matter their faith or religion, ethnicity, gender identity, etc., to participate in the vibrant life of our Community.  Monks and laity train and practice together at Jizo-an Monastery.  


As a western Zen monastery, being family friendly is important to us.  Spouses, partners, parents and their children are welcome to visit.


If what you are looking for is a rare blend of authentic, yet distinctly Western Zen training within a vibrant community of diverse monastic and lay practitioners, then you can stop looking.


We look forward to welcoming you to Pine Wind!


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