Family Zen

Meditation & Mindfulness For The Entire Family

One of the most pressing questions that lay practitioners of meditation face is: how to balance a strong, committed practice, especially when immersed in family life?  


Family Zen lets you and your family explore this question.


Following a brief welcoming lecture, children will leave the Zendo to participate in their own program. Together, we will sit zazen (seated meditation)  explore Mindfulness Techniques and how to cultivate mindfulness in the role of parent, spouse, and partner.


Activities for the children will include yoga, a book reading, seasonal outdoor projects, mindfulness techniques, and arts & crafts.

Children Ages 5 to 17 Welcome.


This program offers a starting point for creating true balance in your home

Parents will learn ways to apply ageless ancient techniques and begin to establish a regular home meditation practice, nurture a more harmonious family environment, and cultivate "Peace In The Heart of The Home".



Suggested Family Donation:  $35     NO REGISTRATION AT THE DOOR




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April 22nd 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
begins at 9:00 AM