Buddha's Enlightenment Vigil

Friday December 7-9 2018

At Pine Wind Zen Community this Ango Period we celebrate the Buddha’s enlightenment with a vigil dedicated to the simple yet profound practice of Zazen (seated meditation) Kinhinn (walking meditation), which Dogen Zenji called the “dharma gate of ease and joy.” 


We’ll begin after supper Friday evening with introductory remarks and a renewal of our bodhisattva vows. Then, we’ll mark the Buddha’s enlightenment by sitting together through the night and day. In the spirit of hermitage practice, participants will be invited to sit, or rest when needed in the Community Room, at their own pace. 


A buffet table will be available in the Community Room for meals. Green tea will be offered during the night sitting. The vigil will extend through Saturday evening. The silence will be lifted on Sunday morning at breakfast.


Characterized by silence and deep introspection, The Buddha's Enlightenment Vigil is recommended to anyone who is sincerely interested in experiencing intensive Zen training, genuine Community, and Fellowship.


Time:  Arrival 6:00pm to 6:30pm.  Buffet Supper 6:30pm. 



FEES: $45 (non members) $35 (members)


Please don’t let financial issues prevent you from attending a program at the Monastery. If you can’t afford the program fee, there are options.