An Evening With Seijaku Roshi

"Speaking Truth To Power"

Saturday June 16, 2018 7:00pm

"We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained

it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield

and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land,

will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely as they will be,

by the better angels of our nature."  - Abraham Lincoln

Spirituality is the cultivation of the ground for nurturing, and manifesting in the world,

the life of "the better angels of our nature".

We are forever reminded "not to be daunted by the things of the world," while at the same time engaging and encouraging ourselves and the world toward a sense of a "larger Self or Reality",

while "being in it, but not of it".

How then, in a time of such National and Global uncertainty, the rise of polarization, the results of

Greed, Hatred, and Indifference, and a growing sense of alienation, does one "Speak Truth to Power?" 

You are invited to join Seijaku Roshi and The Monks of Pine Wind as we explore and discover ways of being "spiritual" and living "morally" in what appears to be an ever decaying society, and certainly political system; in order to maintain wholeness, well-being, and a sense of personal integrity, and bring about real transformation and a lasting global community,

"for the people, by the people, and of the people."




FEE:  $15 Individual.  $25 Spouse/Partner


DOORS OPEN AT 6:30pm for a Period of Quiet Meditation


Event Begins at 7:00pm. We recommend arriving no later than 6:45pm.